Zoe Gelis
Psychotherapy and Counselling



  • Finding the courage to live life well

  • A way to make changes
    for the better


Psychotherapy and counselling for individuals, couples and groups

Therapy is an opportunity to reflect on your experience of everyday life and all its contradictions, as well as on the particular events or aspects of your life that have led you to consider getting help.

It is about putting into words the thoughts, feelings and questions you have about your situation and engaging with what matters to you, in order to develop the perspectives and skills you need to facilitate positive changes in your life.

By entering into an open, respectful and non-judgmental dialogue with a therapist, you can connect with your values, beliefs and concerns; you can acknowledge and build on your strengths and understanding, to successfully cope with anxiety.

Life can be tough and confusing, and we are all limited in some way. Confronting these truths can help you work out new ways of thinking and acting that are more useful for you and the way you want to live.

Feeling comfortable with your therapist is key to the success of the therapeutic work, so feel free to make an initial appointment to discuss your needs.


Psychotherapy is concerned with making sense of whatever difficulties are being faced

How I Work

I regard my clients’ unique personal circumstances as more important than categorizing or formally labeling them. I will not therefore make diagnoses or suggest treatment.

I will work to increase self-awareness and promote independence.

The length of the therapeutic process and the frequency of meetings depend on clients’ needs and can vary. I offer both short and long-term therapy and usually suggest meeting once weekly. Telephone and online sessions can be arranged if the need arises. Online consultation is possible following an initial meeting.

My practice is informed by my training in psychology, education, psychotherapy and existential philosophy, as well as by my own life experience and current research.

English is my first language but I am bilingual in French and able to work in one or both languages.

Areas of Experience

While I meet each of my clients and their concerns with an inquiring and open mind, there are some areas that I have more experience in than others:

    Dependency and Addiction

    Terminal or life-long illness; facing death

    Bereavement; recovering from significant loss, of relationship,someone who has died, or a part of self

    Redefining identity; accepting change and the challenge of the future

    Fertility, pregnancy and post-pregnancy problems

    Family, parenting and relationship issues


I am a qualified and experienced psychotherapist running a private practice in Exeter, Devon.

As well as privately, I have previously worked in clinical settings in London, as an Associate Psychotherapist at The Royal London Hospital, and more recently in Paris, with an international counselling consultancy.

Training as a psychotherapist evolved alongside 15 years of work in the field of education where working with students and their families provided me with valuable experience and specific skills for my work today.

My professional experience has been in environments where success and development depend heavily on the nature and quality of the relationships within them.

I am therefore interested in group systems and facilitating rapports that promote healthy functioning and learning for those involved.



I abide by the code of ethics of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Royal Holloway, University of London
Post Graduate Certificate of Education, University of West London
Foundation Year in Counselling & Psychotherapy, Westminster Pastoral Foundation, London
Master of Science in Psychology and Psychotherapy, Middlesex University, London

ICEEFT Certification

Member of the SEA (Society for Existential Analysis)

Published writer


Life is about contrast and constant growth

I believe that people have a vital capacity for determination and courage; even when we feel relentlessly challenged, we can recognize and respond to our needs, and illuminate and enrich our strengths.

In this way existential crisis can produce a personal breakthrough rather than a breakdown.

The Arctic Poppy is a representation of my philosophy, which integrates the thought that informs my practice with my love of nature, and my belief that noticing our environment and how we interact with it is an important part of our state of being.

This small, delicate flower is at the same time extremely tough. The tall, fine and flexible stem that supports each flower allows it to tolerate arctic winds and to push up through snow to find sunlight.

It is one of the very few truly heliotropic plants; in order to survive such harsh conditions, it turns its face to follow the sun.

Psychology and psychotherapy are concerned with the human condition and the sense we try to make of it. Human beings are capable of a great range of experience, including the flexibility and wherewithal to live life well.


If you have a question about psychotherapy or you would like to book an initial session please contact me. I will endeavor to get back you within 24 hours during weekdays.